Your Wealth—For Your Life

Focus on what matters.

True investment success isn’t measured by (in terms of beating the market) how much you beat the market. It’s all about meeting the most important life goals that you have set out—for yourself, your family, your community and even the world at large.

Horizon’s goals-based approach to investment management can help you position your wealth to support the key financial results you want at all stages of your life. When you align your wealth with your goals in this way, you achieve something that most investors can only hope for: The financial security you need to live life on your terms.



that investors of all sizes deserve the most relevant, modern and proven investment management strategies the market has to offer.


of academic and professional knowledge and expertise to achieve successful outcomes in goals-based investment management.


of the growing complexity of global financial markets, and we continually seek to improve our knowledge, expertise and judgment in managing the assets entrusted to us.


to pursuing innovation and evidence- based strategies in all aspects of our investment management and risk mitigation practices to continually improve our approach.



Horizon’s goals-based investment solutions for growing, protecting and spending wealth are available to individual investors through a select group of top financial advisors located throughout the country.

A financial advisor can work in close consultation with you to identify your key goals, develop a plan for achieving those goals and help keep your plan on track throughout all the stages of your life.


Goals-based investment management is the foundation of successful investment outcomes that allow investors to reach and objectives.


ACTIVE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT strategies, implemented effectively, can add value over time relative to passive investment strategies.

EQUITIES are the most effective asset class for helping investors achieve their most important goals throughout their lives.

GLOBAL DIVERSIFICATION enables investors to pursue the broadest range of investment opportunities, reduce overall portfolio volatility and enhance overall portfolio returns.

RISK MITIGATION is a superior risk management approach to diversifying with fixed income investments.

LONGEVITY and shortfall risk addressed through allocation and selection strategies designed specifically for a spending investor.

Horizon’s goals-based investment strategies are designed to help you successfully navigate your way through the three key stages of your investment lifecycle:

Across the investment lifecycle, these three stages demand different investment, risk mitigation and spending strategies:



Growing your wealth so it can support and enhance your most important life goals.



Guarding your wealth against the catastrophic losses that could derail your plan, and jeopardize your financial comfort and peace of mind.



Ensuring that the wealth you have worked so hard to build is there for you to meet your needs—and fund your dreams—during what may be a lengthy and active retirement.


The financial markets are in a constant state of flux. A static approach to investment management that fails to appreciate rapid changes in the markets simply does not serve your best interests as an investor.


Instead, a flexible investment methodology—one that adapts to the market’s changes as it pursues the goals-driven growth you seek—is crucial to investment success.

active asset allocation

Horizon’s Active Asset Allocation strategies seek out opportunities across the global equity and fixed income markets as they emerge, in order to help you:

  • Capture the growth in capital markets needed to reach your goals.
  • Maximize your ability to respond to dynamic markets.
  • Realize the gains that occur in rising markets.
  • Reduce the downside risk when markets decline.

If you are in the gain stage of the investment lifecycle, then speak with your advisor about Horizon’s Active Asset Allocation.


The effective management of risk is perhaps the single most important driver of long-term, goals-based investment success. That’s because when it comes to staying on track and reaching your objectives, the money you don’t lose can be just as important as the growth you generate.


The fact is, emotions such as fear can play a huge role in investment decisions—especially during periods when asset prices are plummeting. If your emotions take over during periods of intense market volatility, it’s all too easy to make rash investment decisions that can quickly derail your financial future.

risk assist

Horizon’s Risk Assist® strategy is designed to help you manage for the dynamic nature of investment risk—and shield your wealth from catastrophic market events that jeopardize your ability to reach your most important life goals.

  • When the stock market declines, our wealth preservation strategies respond by gradually shifting your portfolio toward investments that are less sensitive to severe market corrections.
  • When those risk conditions have eased, your portfolio is gradually shifted back toward its growth-oriented position.

The end result: A stronger ability and resolve to weather market volatility, stay committed to your growth strategy and achieve your goals.

If you are in the Protect Stage of the investment lifecycle, then speak with your advisor about Horizon’s Risk Assist®.


To achieve true goals-based investment success, the wealth you have worked so hard to grow and protect over time must not run out during what could be a long, active and expensive retirement.

spendHorizon’s strategic approach to retirement income and spending is designed to strike the ideal balance between the current income that you will need to fund your retirement goals and obligations, and the asset longevity you will require to ensure that your wealth lasts as long as you do.

real spend

We achieve this balance through Real Spend®, a retirement income strategy that enables you to meet your three most vital retirement needs:

  • Current expenses. A three-year reserve of liquid assets for spending on current and short-term needs and goals.
  • Future spending. An investment portfolio designed to generate inflation-adjusted returns sufficient to replenish the withdrawals from the liquid reserve consistently.
  • Income Preservation. A risk mitigation component to position your investment portfolio defensively and help preserve your retirement capital during sudden and severe market downturns.

If you are in the Spent Stage of the investment lifecycle, then speak with your advisor about Horizon’s Real Spend®.